Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Top 5: Feb - April 2007

Here are the top 5 posts most visited from February 5th through April 24th:

#1: What does it mean to be Lean? - Lean is a paradigm shift from normal thinking. Learn what it takes to think in Lean terms.

#2: An Introduction - Just some background of why I created this site and who I am.

#3: The Predictability Paradox - A link to a wonderful white paper written by Mary Poppendieck discussing predictability in software projects.

#4: An Agile Approach to adopting Agile - Some advocate taking the big bang approach to adopting Agile. Not me! If Agile is all about incremental and evolutionary delivery, why can't your adoption be the same way?

#5: Deming Revisited - I tackled Deming awhile ago from a management perspective, now I update Deming's list of Fourteen Points from an Agile and Lean perspective.

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